Want to Stop Paying Expensive MLS Fees and Dues But Stay Active as a Broker?

The Illinois Real Estate License Holding Company is here to assist in keeping your license active but eliminating the costly local, state and national dues along with the association fees.

What’s the Catch?

The downside is simple. You cannot represent buyers or sellers and close transactions. Here’s the upside – you can refer any and all business to the broker of your choice and get paid when they close the sale!

So even though you won’t be directly practicing, your license stays active and you can refer out business to any licensed broker in Illinois.

Who would best be suited for this kind of arrangement?

Hang Your License With the Illinois Real Estate License Holding Company If You Are…

  • Working Part-Time as a Broker
  • Nearing Retirement but Still Would Like to Get Paid on Referrals
  • Closing Fewer Than Two Sales Per Year
  • Currently Inactive
  • Looking for a LOW-COST Solution to Keep Your License Active