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Keep Your Real Estate License Active

Realtors looking to hold Chicago broker license using an affordable plan usually find it hard to adapt to the conditions imposed by the brokerage, or find themselves lacking the support they need.

At Illinois Real Estate, you will be able to hang your license in no time at all, as part of a straightforward real estate commission plan that will allow you to:

  • Remain active as a real estate agent, but without the same hefty dues and MLS fees;
  • Gain the freedom to work as a part time realtor or broker, while also being able to manage another career in parallel;
  • Start earning an attractive income as a new agent who hasn’t found a broker yet;
  • Take a break from real estate, while keeping your license active and still earning referral commissions.

All these benefits are provided as part of a highly affordable $109/year plan available for any real estate agent or broker operating within the state of Illinois.

High Referral Commissions

One of the best features of the plan provided by Illinois Real Estate has to do with the high referral commissions you can earn.

As part of the $109/year plan, you will be provided with full support and the opportunity to earn 80% referral commissions simply by referring buyers and sellers to any broker you want. There are no other costs or hidden fees involved whatsoever.

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