Hold your Real Estate license and enjoy no MLS dues Illinois by joining a premier license holding Company such as Illinois Real Estate License Holding Company. In this way you can keep your business license live and can get the benefit of getting referral commissions, a very handsome amount in large realty sales.

History goes back to fifties when this company set off to serve the region. Slowly it moved to almost all the cities of region providing prompt services in license holding without flaw. With internet, the holding of license is just a click away. Keeping real estate license active is in the best interests of the realtor as it will bring lot of commission on referrals made by him to other brokers even if he/she is not directly involved in the deal.

The company is heaven for the brokers or agents as it fulfills all their requirements. You should join this license holding premier company if you just want to refer sales of real estate to get due commission, you have another career also apart from part time real estate broker activities, want to stay active with live license and do not want to pay dues and MLS fees, you have got a new license but have no broker to manage your deals and you are near to your retirement from active service but desires to have your business license alive.

No other hidden fee is charged by the Illinois Real Estate License Holding Company except the annual fee of $ 109. At the closing of a transaction, you are entitled for 80% referral amount mutually agreed between the concerning parties. You have your choice to refer to any broker or seller as you desire. With such great facilities, this website is functioning with the interests of the customers. All legal obligations including initial fees and other charges required by the state and municipal governments are taken care of by the Company.

While ensuring trust and alertness on every occasion, this holding company never interferes in your referral activities. They are very generous and polite in dealings. With clear conceptions in mind, they provide affirmative guidance to their license holders so that their business growth is positive by all means.

Real estate business is known for mass contacts to have up dated information. Moreover, realtor must be familiar with the geography of the region to get success. Locations of the referred buildings should be suitable to needs of the customers. He/she will have to mark these buildings in appropriate category so as to refer them to customers as per their convenience.

Contact Illinois Real Estate License Holding Company representative in your city or make contact online to get the right assistance from Company staff. You can also compare annual fees and other relevant information about the other license holding companies, but definitely conclusion arrived shall be to choose this very prompt and dedicated service. Enjoy no MLS dues Illinois facility by holding real estate license with it.