Who should join the holding company?

You should join the holding company if you are not actively producing real estate at the present but would like to keep your license in an active status. It's perfect for brokers that have referral clients but want to get paid on the referrals.

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Help! I have questions!

Awesome! That's what we're here for. Please call us anytime at 312.238.9796. 95% of the time we answer the phone live, but if you get our voicemail, simply leave a message and we'll call you right back.

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How do I join the holding company?

Click here and download and print out the enrollment paperwork. Then, simply mail them to our office in Chicago and we'll do the rest. We process everything same day and will send you a welcome email to inform you everything is up and running!

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How do referral commissions work?

If you have a client ready to make a real estate transaction you can contact our office and we will pass along the information to one of our top agents or brokers. You may also choose any non-Kale broker if you prefer. The typical referral fee is 25% (but you are free to negotiate a [...]

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What if I wish to go back to actively producing real estate?

You can transfer your license to another broker as if you were still on active status. At your request, we will provide you with your signed off license. You can then complete the transfer paperwork with your new broker. If you're in the Chicago area, please consider our firm Kale Realty. We pay the highest real [...]

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